JSON for Array fields (description, solution...)

Hi Experts,

I need your help please.
I am testing the integration between 2 SM applications using REST API.

I can successfully create ticket from 1 application to another.

However I am facing an issue with the description field or the $update.action or solution fields.
What I am trying to do is to create/update a ticket B in SM2 from a ticket A in SM1 & it will copy all the fields from ticket A to Ticket B. 
All the fields are populating properly, except the array fields like description.  I am using JSON.stringify() in my script in order to convert it to string. However the description field in ticket B is displayed in a different way from Ticket A.
For example:
Ticket A Description is the following:


Ticket B the description is displayed like this:

my question is, how can I display the description field in Ticket B the same way in Ticket A?

Please I need your help.


  • Hello ,

    There is a document guide called : Service Manager Web services Guide

    Document ID: KM01824642

    Service Manager Web Services provide the ability to communicate and integrate with applications in an open and efficient manner. Web Services provide the ability to use a third-party application inside Service Manager, manipulate Service Manager data inside your custom application, or transfer data among separate Service Manager systems, so you can use this information to accomplish your requirements.


    Let us know any kind of concerns you may have.


    Best regards.


  • Assuming your using Service Manager 9.*

    It's like that because your working with a DATUM vs an array.

    What you could do is .toArray() the DATUM then convert it to a JSON and it should work as expected.