migration from 9.30 to 9.52 codeless questions

Dear Experts,

We are migrating from HPSM 9.30 to HPSM 9.52 codeless mode. 
I have some questions:

- I used to have Queries in the format control & used to do some calculations based on these queries. How can we do that in the codeless mode? I read that we can do that using Validating against Table, but it's not working. Can someone tell me how can we acheive that?

- Can we still use the format control? I tried to create queries using the old method, but also didn't work.
What are the things that we can still use in the new HPSM? for example I know that Links still work but FC don't. what else?

- Can someone correct me or explain to me the below:
On Enter = Format Control Add?
After Successful Enter= Triggers After Add?
On Exit?
Initialization= Format Control Initial?
On Display= Format Control Display?
On Update= Format Control Update?
After Successful Update=Triggers After Update?

- Do you have any document which contains all the details about the new HPSM?


  • You can use format control in 9.52.
    Go to the Object, the field master.fk (on the first tab). Specify the name of the format control in this field. Perhaps this method suits you.

    If you need to get rid of the format control, then you have to rewrite every request, every calculation, every validation in the rulesets. If the fromat control is voluminous, then you can try to describe it in javascript (It took less time in our system). Present queries, calculations, and validations as a set of functions. Not the most trivial task, it's possible to manually translate it will be easier. But in fact it will be the same.

    We do the following:

    On Enter == Format Control Add
    Initialization == Format Control Initial
    On Display == Format Control Display
    On Update == Format Control Update

    In our system it works this way.


  • More info about format control/rule execution, could not find how the triggers are run:


    - Do you have any document which contains all the details about the new HPSM?

    I'm not sure what kind of information you exactly need, but there's no one HPSM bible explaining all the details. Release Notes (even the patch release notes) typically list the new features and what features are deprecated. I can recommend "Process Designer Tailoring Best Practice Guide" to check the basics.