Multiple AD Integration or Single Sign On for Multiple Clients on SM 9.30

Dear Experts,
We are a service provider company & we have multiple customers on our system & multiple clients are using HPSM & it's working just fine. 

However when they login they need to put the password to login.
We have setup the email address to be the Operator Login.
Few clients are asking if we can integrate with AD and use Single Sign On. We told them that HPSM 9.30 does not support multiple AD Integration & Single Sign On or Trusted Sign on for multiple clients but we are trying to find a workaround.

Has anyone done this before? If yes, could you please  let me know how? 

I have done this before for Single Clients but not multiple clients on same HPSM. 
Do you know if in HPSM 9.52 these features are supported? Because we are planning to upgrade.

Appreciate your help.