Modify the Change ID for a particular change category

Hi Experts,

Service Manager 9.52

We have created a new category in Change Management Module called Opportunity for Improvement. 

What We need is that whenever the user selects this category, the ID number to be instead of CRXXXXX, to become OFIXXXXX. 

Is that possible?

i have created a rule to modify this number & replace the "CR" by "OFI", but the first time I click on submit the change it shows the number OFIXXXXX but when I cancel it & try to search for it again, i can't because it returns back to CRXXXXX. (This rule is applied on Add, After Add, Initial, Update, After Update)
But later on, when I save the change the number becomes OFIXXXXX (because of the above rules). The issue is when I create the change.


Can you tell me from where this is controlled? I know from Sequential Numbers but there is no place to set a rule on the Sequential number.


Can you please help?



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