License Questions

Hi Experts,

HPSM 9.30 Multi-tenant Environment.

Is there a way to restrict clients of using certain number of Licenses? or to consume the exact number of what they have purchased? I am asking this because the way HPSM is designed, some clients may be consuming more licenses of what they really have. Let's take this example:

  • Client A has 10 floating licenses
  • Client B has 3 floating licenses

 Let’s say that Client B has logged in with 10 engineers (so he will be consuming 7 additional licenses from what he has purchased already).

And after that Client A tries to login with 5 engineers, so 2 of them will get a message there are no licenses to login (although the client has purchased 10 licenses)

How can we solve that?
Has anyone faced this issue? 
Can we restrict the license based on the Client?



  • The only way to enforce that in a single HPSM environment, is to build your own validation an controls. Effectively canceling the login process for users that belong to companies to overuse their allocated licenses.

    I'd explore using a temporary ledger, that tracks logins and logouts, utilizing a preriodic (every minute, ish) extraction of actual users logged in to se current consumption and reset/update your running ledger.

    You will need a certain % of additional licenses, depeding on how busy your environment gets.