"My Group's To Do List" not showing all the tickets

"My Group's To Do List" not showing all the tickets in my queue.   

(old tickets not shows) only latest tickets showing in the queue.

Query Used:
((itemType="probsummary" or itemType="incidents" or itemType="rootcause" or itemType="rootcausetask" or itemType="knownerror" or itemType="cm3r" or itemType="cm3t" or itemType="timeperiodDefinition" or itemType="SurveyDefinition") and group isin $lo.pm.assignments) and (status~="Resolved" and status~="closed" and status~="Closed")

HPSM version: 9.32

In Production not working, same query working properly in Development.

21 change tickets in my queue, but it shows only 14 tickets. 

More over its shows the latest tickets. Or if I update the old change tickets its showing in my Groups to do list.

Its worked properly till one week before. 

Any one please provide solution for this.

  • Hi,


    FIrst thing you need to do is test one by one for the query definition. Try this it works like a charm.

    (itemType="probsummary" or itemType="incidents" or itemType="rootcause" or itemType="rootcausetask" or itemType="imTask" or itemType="cm3r" or itemType="cm3t" or itemType="request" or itemType="requestTask") and status~="Closed" and status~="Resolved" and status~="Fulfilled" and group isin $lo.pm.assignments)
  • sorry above query trigger error

    API=SQLNumResultCols [in _describe], Statement=SELECT m1."STATUS",m1."STATUS",m1."TARGET_DATE",m1."RECORD_ID",m1."ITEMTYPE" FROM TODOLISTM1 m1 WHERE (((m1."ITEM
    TYPE"=? or m1."ITEMTYPE"=? or m1."ITEMTYPE"=? or m1."ITEMTYPE"=? or m1."ITEMTYPE"=? or m1."ITEMTYPE"=?) and (m1."STATUS" <> ? and m1."STATUS" <> ? and m1."STATU
    S" <> ?) and m1."GROUP" IN (?,?))) ORDER BY m1."STATUS" ASC,m1."STATUS" ASC,m1."TARGET_DATE" ASC,m1."RECORD_ID" ASC,m1."ITEMTYPE" ASC (display,fdisp.1)
    SQL State: 42000-169 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]A column has been specified more than once in the order by list. Columns in the o
    rder by list must be unique. (display,fdisp.1)

  • First question, are the records you are missing in the Todo table?
    Go to DB access Todo table and check. If they are there, build the query as you want and make sure it works there. Than you copy to Inbox.. should works.
    If they are not there, check the Todomap table, if the exclusion condition is what you want. If it's and the records are stlil not there (saw this once) create a script to sync them or easier, perform a mass update (if possible) on all open tickets to synchronize both tables again
  • I have checked missing tikcet in ToDo Table. Its not there.

    Past 2 years we are using the same view "My Group's To Do List" without any issue.

    My humble question is, why its not working for past 2 weeks. 

    If I do the mass update on the thickets, the it will show my name in all the tickets.

    So its not possible to mass update the tickets.

    what script we need to write to sync them. 


  • 1. Try to make new one view with your conditions - will this new one view give a same result ?

    2. is this not a mistake in your query there is condition about status not equel closed - twice (closed and Closed)

    3. What is special in this 7 records ? - they are all from one table, same status,......