Incidents beeing locked after update for more than 24h

I have an integration with an external system and i'm invoking a web service to send updates about SM ticket’s status to that system.


The problem that i got incidents locked, and still locked unless i go to status>locks then kill every single one.

This is a huge problem since my users will not be able to work on the tickets, and all my KPIs are beeing destroyed.

Please note that this WS call is not performing any update on SM ticket itself. No error occurred in the WS logs : all WS updates are well executed ( return message : “success”) .


It would be great if there is any variable to gather locked incident's NUMBER, and to perform kill locks with a JS.

  • What version of HPSM are you using?  

    When you view the locks in System Status, what user or process is listed as locking the record?  We had an issue where the linker process that updates related tickets when activities are added to the parent ticket wasn't releasing the lock after performing the update, so the 'linker' processes were the ones performing the lock.  

    Can you reproduce the issue on demand?  Like, in a non-prod environment, can you make this happen whenever you want?  The ideal solution is to figure out why the records aren't unlocking, rather than figure out a way to unlock something that's stuck.  If you can get more information on what causes it to happen, then you can come up with a fix, not just a workaround.

  • Verified Answer

    We've resolved this issue by changing the way we call external web services.