New Change Approval Type, Immediate Denial w/ One Approval


Currently there are 4 types of Change approvals.  "One must approve", "All must approve," "Quorum", and "All must approve - immediate denial".

I need to create a new one, but can't see how to do it.  The type would be "One Must approve - immediate denial".

The change approval definition get's 3 individuals based on the characteristics of the change record.  These 3 people are not in the same group, so I can't add a group.  Instead I have 3 individuals listed.  When any one of the 3 people approve the change, I need to move on.  When any one of the 3 people deny the change, I need it to move to denial.  And I need to happen on the first action, not wait for multiple people to approve/deny.

Has anyone created a Change approval type like this and can provide some ideas?  Or actually any new Change approval type?

Thanks for any help.

  • i am also searching for the same Issue resolution. it should be part of the Approval Type.


  • Has anyone made progress on this one ? I'm interessted as well. 

  • Add JS code to trigger (filename ApprovalLog, type = After Update), that checks from the ApprovalLog if the approval action was "deny" and approval name the one that is your special "one deny - immediate denial".

    if ("yourapproval" and record.action=="Denied") {
    var _ = lib.Underscore.require();
    lib.c.$("Approval".select("unique_key=\""   record.unique_key    "\" and approval.status~=\"denied\"").iterate(

    The code marks all the approvals as denied after the first denial is done.

    I'm not fan of such a code forks as the approval name is hardcoded, so I recommend adding some hints to your approval name that reminds you where all the "auto denials" are actually done.

    Did a code as a draft, didn't run it. Some authorization issues might occur, depending on SM version. So please take it as a guideline and give it a go.