pending approval to be flown to next phases

Hi All,

we have customer requirement to define a Urgent work flow, where approval can happen in multiple phases post approval phase.

Ex:-we have Loggin, Analysis, Approval, Exe Planning, Execution, Testing and Closure Phases. Approval will tag in approval Phase, let's say we have 6 approvers tagged in approval Phase, and change co-ordinator continues to execute the change by taking verbal approvers from approval.

Once CR is moved to next phase pending approvals to be continued in next three phases.

We have defined a manual transision in work flow with the button name as ChangePhase, but when i click the change Phase, approval are getting removed.

I know approvals are specific to that particular phase, but my requirement is to carry forward to the next phases.

This we have achieved in 9.3 with the display option, but similar is not working in 9.60.

Please advise best approach,