Issue with operator mapping to assignment group

Hi All,

Facing some strange issue with the assignment groups, below is the scenario
ex: group name is HELPDESK L1 Team and i have mapped user A, B, C to this L1 group.
if go to A and click on save in operator record, operator A is automatically getting removed from HELPDESK L1 Team, this is happening randomly. if we remove add multiple tiles some how it is taking affect. Not really sure what is the issue, we have disabled the trigger with name "trigger.operator.groups.update" trigger the impact is reduced, but not fixed completely.
it is observed that if operator logs on to the system also it is getting removed from assignment group, not very sure.

Raised a product support case but no luck yet!!

  • Hello vadepun,
    Thanks for your question.

    Let me get this straight.
    The following are the steps I identified from your description, to see if it can be reproduced:

    1. Create a L1 group.
    2. Add operators A, B and C to this group.
    3. If update A in operators, it gets removed from the group.

    Is that correct?

    Please send me the trigger you have edited.

    Jose L. Arias

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