pending approval to be flown to next phases

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we have a customer requirement to define a work flow, where there are 7 Phases Like Logging, Analysis, Approval, Exe Planning, Execution, Testing and Clousre.

Now the requirement is lets assume CR in Approval Phase and there 6 pening approvers, two approvers approved in approval phase, user needs an option to move it next phase i.e Exe Planning,.

we have enabled a manula transision in the workflow from Approval to Exec Plnaning and given ChangePhase as a button, but when i am performing this option approval are getting cleared. I know approvals are specific to each phase, but in my scenario, pending approvers and approval should be carry forwarded to next three phases, where pending approver can approve in Exe Planning, Execution or Testing Phase.

This will be used when there are emergency CRs to be executed by taking verbal approval and approvals will happen later phases to regualrize CRs.

This we have achieved in 9.30, but 9.6 there is no option to use DO.


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  • Unfortunately you won't be able to reach this using standard functions.
    As you already noticed the approvals are phase related.
    A good workaround for me seems on the movement to next phase, you save in variables $pendingApproval1, 2, 3... the approvals pending and on the following phases you configure another approval that use this fields. If they are empty no approval will be require, if they are filled, new Approval will be created.. you need to mind the notifications on this cases.. but seems easy and clean solution to me.