Url to be formed in HTML email template

Dear All,

I have a requirement to send url in html email template.

in the URL, I need to send incident id and customer email ID.

I formed an URL with href tag as shown below.


<a href="">localhost:8787/.../ Please Provide Feedback or repoen ticket <\a>

Since url is in double codes variable is getting passed as comment and not getting recognized.

Any advises.





  • We did something similar.  We wanted to pass in the Incident number, the assignment group, the assignee, and who opened it. You need to build it in the Expressions tab.  I added this at the very bottom of the expresstions tab.  Do it piece by piece and append each variable you want:

    var survey;
    survey =($RECORD.number ",");
    survey =($RECORD.assignment ",");
    survey =($RECORD.assignee_name ",");
    survey =($RECORD.opened_by);

    Then in the actual HTML you will call the link like this:

    <a href="{survey}">Take this quick survey</a>