webservice close of IM doesnt close SD

I am on Service Manager 9.30.289.

We have our Service Desk environment set to "Close Interactions when Related Record closes".

This works fine when SD's and IM's are manually created/escalated/closed.

We have a Webservices integration with a two different external applications.  An SD is opened and escalated to an IM.  If the IM is in specific groups, it will generate an xml transaction to open a ticket in the external system.  When they close the IM on their side, it sends an XML transaction to our IncidentManagement wsdl and closes the IM.  The problem is, it is not closing the related SD.

again, this works fine on manual tickets.  What is missing that it's not working for webservices closures? 

  • It is lokks like you use FC for IM to transfer status to SD - so it's work only when you open form.
    If you do not use a form to make change in table (probsummary) then use triggers to customize action you need
  • Verified Answer

    Resolved this.  The problem was that the update to the SD was failing validation.

    We exempted the integration user from validations of category/subcategory/service/problem type.  The IM update would work fine, but we did not exempt the linker background process from those same validations.

    Once linker was exempt from validations on the SD format control, the SD would close when the IM was closed by the integration.