We are on SM 9.30.  Not sure what our SRC version is (does 1.30p2 sound right?).  Apparently, flash will no longer work by the end of the year and management has asked me to look into something to replace the SRC.  We are not upgrading our SM 9.30.

I am looking in to SMA-SM SP and have a few questions:

1. I have a link for "install", but I'm looking for other information:  what does it look like? how does it integrate with SM 9.30?  What is the cost/licensing?

Link for install 

2. We only plan to replace the SRC.  Can you just get the SP or do you have to get the whole suite?

3. Is SMA-SM SP (or just the SP) even compatible with HP SM 9.30?  If not, what are others doing when they are on older versions of SM?

Thanks for any info.  We have no support contract with anyone, so this is something that has to be researched/implemented in-house.