receiving error "fetched column value was truncated" when trying to open CIT scenario

We have a well established CIT scenario that reads our Sales database and uses the data to import contact records.  Sales database is Oracle.  SM version is 9.30.289.

The oracle connector has a main table with several linked tables.  The scenario is run via a scheduling application, so we didnt know there was an issue until one of the helpdesks pointed out that they are not getting new contact records.

The error received is:   ODBC error: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated\n SQLSTate: S1000

I cant even open the source connector because of this error, to review any of the mapping.

The DBA says that there were two columns added recently to a table I dont even use (though I do use a view that includes part of that table).

Any thoughts?