Workflow for custom table

I would like to know if i can create a workflow in Process Designer for a custom table i created. My tablename is "Test"

I created an object record for the table. i also created a secModule and secArea record for the table. When i try to create a new Workflow, the table name doesn't appear in the table drop down


I am using HPSM 9.44.5006 codeless

  • Hi,

    Do like to check, are you able to figure out on how to create workflow on a custom table?


  • I was also wondering. Within the object definition of the custom table, click on the Object Info tab. Within "Workflow Location", select "By Category" and save Object Definition. The "By Category" is used to display your custom table as a displayed selection when creating a new workflow.



  • Hi Blue_1,

    I'm not aware of a version "HPSM 9.44.5006 codeless". SM9.41.8003 P8 is the newest one we have on SM9.41 branch. 

    What's the output in 

    System Administration - Base System Configuration - Monitoring - Version Information ?

    It shows your Application Version and RTE Version.

    Best regards, Heike

  • Hi  ,

    If you want only a single WorkFlow for your custom table,

    >First create a new WF for your table.

    > Goto the Object definition and select the WF location as "In Object" and then select the Workflow name.

    >Save and exit.

    If you want WF based on cateogries, then you need to define categories and then create WFs for each category. In Object definition select WF location as "By Category"

    -Thank you.