How to change incident status from Pending Customer to Work in Progress

I have a requirement to change the incident status from "Pending Customer" to "Work in Progress" when an end user updates the related interaction in ESS.

Currently, when engineer needs more info, they update the incident and change status to "Pending Customer", and ESS user receives the email to input theie update n ESS. Once the user updates the SD ticket in ESS,the related Incident status should change to "Work in Progress".

HPSM Codeless 9.41..5006

  • Just spit-balling here, but you might try changing ScriptLibrary-activityUpdatesTailoring and when your new activitytype is used and, if (name == "incidents" && activityType == "Incident Update")
    and status is equal to "Pending Customer"
           Set the status to "Work in Progress"

    All this takes place using interoperability:

    Note: sl- means the ScriptLibrary database.


  • Verified Answer

    Since we are using Codeless version, i wanted to make use of RuleSets to accomplish this task. This is my solution

    1) Create 3 new Rule Sets "Rule Set 1", "Rule Set 2", "Rule Set 3"
    2) Call "Rule Set 1" from Interaction Workflow (Workflow Based Rule Sets-->After successful update)
    3) Create a "Run Action" inside "Rule Set 1"

    Details of "Run Action" is

    Run Action On = "Related Records"
    Relation Type = "Related Incidents"
    Run Rule Set = "Rule Set 2"
    Action after Rule Set = "Do nothing"

    4) Inside "Rule Set 2" create a "Run Scheduled Action"

    Details of "Run Scheduled Action" is

    Calculation Type = "Usa Javascript"
    Javascript = actionExecutionTime=new Date();
    Action Condition = ( Status in CurrentRecord = "Pending Customer")
    Run Rule Set = "Rule Set 3"

    5) Inside "Rule Set 3", create a Rule called "Set value"

    Details of Set value

    Condition = ( Status in CurrentRecord = "Pending Customer")
    Filed Name = Status
    value= "Work In Progress";

    A schedule record is created for each of the related incidents with schedule class as "scheduledAction". This way even there is lock on the related incidents the schedule record will be rescheduled.