Change Ticket Mass Approve not working

The MAss Approve button is not working. I login as sysadmin and click Mass Approve, nothing seems to happen, a message is displayed


"No group is pending your approval."


How can i fix this issue. We are using 9.41 codeless

  • I think you'd need to be part of whatever approval group you have set-up to approve your change requests (although, I think you'd need to be part of that group before the change reaches the approval stage).

    If there aren't that many, you might be better off going to the approval table, identify the changes you want to approve, then using the 'override' function to approve the records individually.  Faling that, perhaps you could use a 'complex mass update' to set the approval record status to "approved".

  • This used to work before. We just upgraded to 9.41 from 9.3 and this feature stopped working. When change is in approval the ApprovalDef  "CAB Approval" is pending. The Group/Operator for this approval is few people not a group.