Process Designer RuleSet not executed

I have ruleset in place that sets some variables which inturn control read-only property of some fields on chnage managemegnt forms. I am calling the RuleSet in the process designer from the initialization and On Display of the phase. 

When a user searches for a change this ruleset is executed as expected, but when the user double lciks on tasks under the Task tab and views the Task and then cancels out of the task, the control returns to the change. at this point the ruleset is not executed. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  • I've also stumbled this at least once. I guess it was request/requestTask combination which caused some troubles. Only solution I could find was to move the code is used to Display Screen, which gets run every time the screen is redrawn.

    If you want to try running the whole ruleset from JS code, it's also worth trying. I've used a following code - please note, that the references to current and record's previous version may differ from module to module (request vs. probsummary, for example).

    var file=system.vars.$L_file;
    var oldFile=system.vars.$filesave;
    var ruleName="MyRuleHere";