Memory Outage HP SRC


We're facing a memory outage issue on the servlet related to the HPSM-HPSRC integration (port 13083). Kindy find below the servlet configuration content :

# start a Service Manager listener

# sm -unlockdatabase

# sm

sm -loadBalancer -httpPort:13080 -log:../logs/sm.loadbalancer.log

# Servlets dedicated to SM Client connections
sm -httpPort:13081 -httpsPort:13082 -sessiontimeout:30 -log:../logs/sm13081.log
sm -httpPort:13083 -httpsPort:13084 -sessiontimeout:30 -log:../logs/sm13083.log
sm -httpPort:13085 -httpsPort:13086 -sessiontimeout:30 -log:../logs/sm13085.log
# Servlets dedicated to SM Integrations
sm -httpPort:13087 -httpsPort:13088 -debugnode:1 -heartbeatinterval:1800 -sessiontimeout:30 -webservices_sessiontimeout:120 -log:../logs/sm.CIT.log
sm -httpPort:13089 -httpsPort:13090 -debugnode:1 -heartbeatinterval:1800 -sessiontimeout:30 -webservices_sessiontimeout:120 -log:../logs/sm.BSM.log
sm -httpPort:13091 -httpsPort:13092 -debugnode:1 -heartbeatinterval:1800 -sessiontimeout:30 -webservices_sessiontimeout:120 -log:../logs/sm.CRM.log
sm -httpPort:13093 -httpsPort:13094 -debugnode:1 -heartbeatinterval:1800 -sessiontimeout:30 -webservices_sessiontimeout:120 -log:../logs/sm.RC.log
sm -httpPort:13095 -httpsPort:13096 -debugnode:1 -heartbeatinterval:1800 -sessiontimeout:30 -webservices_sessiontimeout:120 -log:../logs/sm.UCMDB.log
#sm -httpPort:13097 -httpsPort:13098 -debugnode:1 -sessiontimeout:60 -webservices_sessiontimeout:60 -log:../logs/sm.13097.log

# Servlets for Future Integration Usage
#sm -httpPort:13099 -httpsPort:13100 -debugnode:1 -sessiontimeout:60 -webservices_sessiontimeout:60 -log:../logs/sm.13099.log

sm -scautolistener:12670 -log:..\logs\scauto.log

# When unable to start the server as a service
# uncomment the following line to produce an output
# file which may contain some information from the
# Java JVM.
#cmd /c "sm" > C:\\process_stdout 2>&1

# start background schedulers

sm system.start


After each application restart, we have the same behaviour. The memory usage still increasing until the service fails and SRC application became unreachable

Kindly advice