Alert stage functionality on PD on SM9.41


I would need alert stage functionality on PD, like it is available on SM9.3x. Customer does not have a SLA module, so this is the functionality for escalation. For notification is in charge other product, which triggers notification based on values of incident. Support has suggested me to use rule sets, but I doubt it could be done, also it can take me too much time.

I need if record is not updated in 15 min to set it on alert stage 1 and after that if it is not updated in 15 min set alert stage 2 and escalate incident to L2 support. If incident is updated, status should be set to updated, alert stage clock should be restarted. Also this alert stage must check working hours of support group and stop the clock when support group is not working anymore and start to run clock when support group starts duty.

Is there any alternative maybe?