Modify a format show in the HPSM "taskplanner"?


I have a question about the "taskplanner" view.

Since the view of "taskplanner" only work on the web... I couldn't trace it so I have no idea where to modify.

Couldn't figure out what the system call with this line:

taskplanner;Name=taskplanner1393495178767 changeCategory=category changeModelId=number ?Editable=[$taskplannerflag]="true" ?Visible= Editable=0 editorType=ticket Height=30 Name=taskplanner1393495178767 parentFile=request Width=168 X=2 Y=0

I couldn't find the format... I'm not even sure of the file that I use at that point..


But what I want it's quite easy. Just look request_q2.jpg. I just want to modify the bottom part.




Basicly, I want when someone use the button "new task" on the task plan, I want to automaticly fill some "properties" on the task and probably make "read-only" some field for certain class of user.


Anyway idea where I should be able to modify this?

Thank you,

  • Verified Answer

    So... I've done some digging this morning, and the short answer is "accomplishing this will probably not be worth the effort".

    The longer version is that those fields are established by the chMtaskPropSheet.js file, way down in the \js\version\chM folder of the webapp, and are therefore not "controllable" in the way that most other SM forms can be manipulated. It's theoretically possible, I suppose, to customize that JS into doing what you want, but to try and control the fields at the granular level you want may not be worth the effort. Also, those functions and parameters are already established (especially the ones which call objects external to that file), and backtracking everywhere to establish new vars and logic to make use of that vars definitely sounds like a bridge too far, especially given that HP will never support customization of this nature.

    Now, all that being said, that's where the form is controlled, so if you want to play around with it, feel free. :)