Create a translation for an inbox


I don't know if it's possibile but I don't remember have seen it in OOTB.

I have an inbox called "My To Do List of Requests" which it's the english name.

And we have "Ma liste des tâches" which is roughtly the same but in french.

It's 2 different inbox which is bad.

I think we should have only one inbox but I never readed something about language translation on the same inbox.


Can I only keep the english one and just apply something for HPSM to do the translation to the french name?



Thank you if you can help me,

  • Hi, 

    You could always rename the OOB inbox, or use the Localization Utility in HPSM 9.4x to create a french localization (if you need to keep the English one around). Localization Utility can be found under the Tailoring menu in HPSM.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Peter,

    I think we use Localization Utility in HPSM 9.34.

    From what I know localizationUtil serve Process Designer process adding localization in status and phase.

    OOTB there is not localization existing on inbox. (so nothing that I can build or understand from)


    The main problem is doing the HPSM 9.41 migration, english inbox was recreated.

    So now we have both.

    Since the migration process recreate them and any migration will recreate them.. the best seem to me to do not delete them and just kept the original HPSM record "inbox" and add a "translation" somewhere.

    Currently we only work in french but... there should be a way to have the same "inbox" in french and english because just the label need to be change. And this is what I hope to achieve.


  • Hi Wizz-bell,

    This is a known issue, and tracked as


    Both of the enhancement requests are deferred. If you'd like to have them, you need to go through the ER process through HPE support team.



  • Thank Ling-Yan,

    My issue is only with the file "inbox".

    For request, we passed Request Process Designer in SM9.41. It's go smoothly on that. Didn't see big issue here.


    I should have explained more globally. Basicly I ask for help for "How you translate or supported multiples languages with inbox since the file inbox do not contains language information".

    Inbox contains a name which is in "only one language" and no language tag.

    So if I create 1 french and 1 english global inbox, french users will see the englishs inbox and the english will the frenchs inbox.


    We should be:

    1. Able to limit the global inbox like the french only see french and english only english inboxs;


    2. Make one inbox and the system translate it in french.

    Perhaps there are features for help that...


    I have a work around which is basicly delete all global inboxes, and create user inboxes in the language when the user is created in his own language. Which seem to me, a lot of trouble in maintenance and evolution for those Inboxes.


    How you do support multiples languages with "inbox" without go into too much custom stuff ?


    Thank you,

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Wizz-bell,

    Before the ER I mentioned is fixed, you have to do it by customization. For example, create a language field in inbox table, so that users can only see the inbox language = login language.