Move mail from One folder to Another folder if failed to process in Connect -IT

Hi All,

Need expert help on below scenario.

I have a connect-IT scenario to create and update the tickets, suppose if some of the emails is failed to process from connect-IT and is there any feasibility to move that email from one folder to another folder using Connect-IT.




  • I 2 ideas that you may try:
    I remember that in CIT you can configure it to delete processed email and keep those not processed or when the processing fails.
    Configure another CIT (or maybe in the same one) to move email older than (for example) 1 hour to your second folder as the old ones should be those that failed.

    The other idea is to recover from your destination connector (SMAX) the status of the processing and use some $ParentDoc$ variable to get details about the failed one inorder to move them.
    you should have something like this:
    EMAIL Read connector ---- processing of all ----> SMAX connector --- processing of failed emails ----> EMAIL Move connector