CHTs closed but related CHMs and SRFs not setting to resolved

CHTs closed but related CHMs and SRFs not setting to resolved.
The Change tasks have not successfully started the auto closure process. The tasks were succesfully closed, however the change and interaction have not resolved. The correct process has been followed. This is happening to a particular Category and we believe this is caused by java script with some change task categories where Phase is set to "Closure" instead of "Closed" (see attachment).

Can you please advise where in the DSMS application changes need to be made to rectify this issue (e,g script library etc).

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello Xholi,

    hope you are doing fine.

    Is this the normal OOB behaviour?? I tried to reproduce the issue but was not abe to see it.

    What are the exactly steps you are following?

    SM version?

    what category and javascript you belive are we need to check?


  • Hi Carlos,

    HP Service Manager Client

    Version: 9.33.0035 Build

    Timestamp: 20140117133935

    What we need to do is change the closure code from "closure" to "closed" for Service Request Hardware category.

    We have tried to change the closure code in workflows but this fix alone did not work.
    There must be other areas changes need to be made but we are not sure where.

    autoclose in script library looks for closed, not closure.