Some question about SLA

Hello all,

Can you answer some questions about SLA calculations, please?

1. How to configure SLO so that it would use assignment group work schedule?

2. How to view what actions are called in RADs, like And how to call them manually?

3. There is a field called total.time in sloresponse table that is filled after SLO status changed. Is it possible to calculate and fill these field by time interval?

4.. SLO start and end time is configured in SLM integration information. I have tried to specify a datetime field that can be changed by user in start time field. And SLO expiration time does not change when value of that field is changed. Is it possbile to change and recalculate expiration time each time when value of the field is changed?

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  • Hello y4nzi,
    Thanks for your question.

    1. Check the Help Server: Service Level Management
    2. To do so, first you need to identify the RAD and then the view. Type ag in the SM command line, select the RAD and then click on View. There you can check actions for each view inside the RAD. You might need to read several before reaching the one you need, and they also require a little interpretation since you ought know what does each view do.
    3. I think yes, however you need to know how to work with conditions and also the variables that RAD language can interpret.
    4. Yes, it is possible to recalculate. Check Help Server for further information.

    Jose L. Arias

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  • Hello Jose,

    Thank you for your response and time. 

    Can you please elaborate more on fourth question? All my approaches were unsuccessful, and I have not found how to configure it in Help Server

  • Hello again,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Check the following link: Recalculating Service Level Agreement data

    Hope this helps.