debugging question

I know about opening RAD debugger and I know how to turn trace on and off.

How do I find out the name of a particular ruleset that is being called.  I have hundreds of lines suchs as below and it they only say "RAD:"  not which ruleset that is actually running.

|23| RAD:
|23|          set.rules
|23|          decide.continue
|23|          start.rule
|23|          check.condition
|23|          increment.rule
|23|          decide.continue
|23|          start.rule
|23|          check.condition
|23|          get.ruleType
|23| RAD: se.get.record
|23|          start
|23|          check.key
|23|          start.1
|23|          check.current.record
|23|          init.record
|23|          get.record
|23|          exit.normal
|23|          cleanup
|23|          decide.exit
|23| <return>
|23| RAD:
|23|          check.execute.type
|23|          run.rad
|23|          run.rad.1

  • Is that through the RAD Debugger in the client? You should be able to add a break point once the RAD hits the ruleset and then check the variables to see which Ruleset has been chosen.

    Another way you could do this is run the trace from your servlet with RTM:3 and debugdbquery:999.   Debugdbquery should show you every query that is being run and you should be able to see which Ruleset is being looked up.


  • It's too difficult to debug it in rad dubber.

    The best way is enable rtm:3 and searc the ruleset name in the log file.

    another easier way is add print message in your ruleset and check whether it print or not. that means you do not need to check log file . :)