Scheduling reports

I am trying to set up report scheduling.  I have the email portion working to send the user a pdf file when they set up a report schedule.

But I can't get the part to work where it will save to a file share.

This is in Service Manager 9.40.  Under Reporting > Administration > Report Settings there is an option at the bottom for "Location for exported reports"  I have put the file share location there.  And it did not dump the file there.

I was told by HP Support to: Make sure you have already specified the path to save the exported reports and dashboards by adding the dashboard_export_path parameter to the sm.ini file.

I found this link that showed an example of setting up the dashboard_export_path parameter

Using that parameter in sm.ini didn't seem to work either. 

Has anyone gotten report scheduling to work to export to a file share and how exactly did you set it up?

  • Hi,

    I am also facing this issue. Is it working for you?

    I want to send the reports/Dashboard to send through email as attachment.My Sm version is 9.41




  • We are able to send reports through email (just not save to a file share)

    In addition to checking the option "Export reports via email by default" under Reporting > Administration > Report Settings I had to add the following line to the sm.cfg file on the server:

    sm -JVMOption0:-Xms1024m -JVMOption1:-Xmx1024m report.export

  • Hello,

    I know that this thread is quite old (May be before 3 years), but just thought of informing the solution. Below details are what I generally configure in SM 9.4x / 9.5x and 9.6x and every time it worked. Please have a look.

    sm.cfg File:
    #This starts 4 Background processes for the report scheduler
    sm report.export -log:../logs/report.log

    sm.ini File:
    #Tells SM where to export reports if export to File Server