no sysmodtime on htmltemplates?

As far as I can tell there is no field for sysmodtime, sysmoduser, sysmodcount on the htmltemplates table.

  Am I missing something or are these fields really not there?  They exists on all other tables that I regularly use.  How else can I tell what templates I last modified and when other than memory? 

  • Verified Answer

    You are not missing anything, the fields are really not there.  You can add them to the table using the dbdict application.

    There is currently an open defect, QCCR1E128877, for the issue of missing sysmodtime fields in tables.

    Steve Hirschfeld

    HPE Support


  • Hi fcbcd, You are right, those fields are not defined by default in the htmltemplates table. If you manually add those three fields, SM RTE will automatically fill up those values. At least on SM 9.40 it's working the way I described since I performed some tests. Actually I was coding a trigger to populate the data but SM did it automatically. Also I think this is a fair Enhancement Request for those fields to be included OOB. I'll submit Enhancement Request for this requirement. Regards,
  • Thanks swhirschfeld and JD_Jinesta,

    I didn't think it would be that easy but it was and now I have what I need!