default knowledge libraries

Normally when you click search knowledge, the knowledge search form is displayed showing checkmarks in all the knowledge libraries (knowledge, interaction, incident, known error, problems)

I was able to edit the KMSearchQuery script so that the checkbox is only on Knowledge lbriary by going to the "reorderKnowledgebase" function and setting the libraries to false that I did not want by default.  Now by default when someone goes to Knowledge Mgmt > Search Knowledge, the search only looks in the Knowledge library (it's the only item checked).  Users are able to select other libraries and search if they choose to.

But if a Service Desk rep is opening a new interaction and types in the description field then goes to More > Search Knowledge, it is defaulting to ALL the libraries not just the knowledge library.  Does anyone know how I can make it only search the knowledge library by default?  I would have assumed that going from an Interaction to More > Search Knowledge would have invoked the KMSearchQuery script but I guess I am missing something.