Link New Subcategories and Link New Areas

In Service Manager 9.40 when I go to Incident Mgmt > configuration > incident categories and select a categpory the button "Link New Subcategories" and subsequently, if I select an existing subcategory, the button "Link New Areas" are grayed out.

These buttons work in the Service Desk (Interaction) module. 

Does anyone know what I am missing and how I can add new subcategories and areas to my existing Incident categories?



  • My understanding is that if the parent subcategory was defined as a linked Interaction-Incident subcategory, the areas must also be defined from the interaction level. this ensures that the categorization values for interactions and incidents are correctly synchronized.. If you had define classification solely for the incident module--that was not interaction linked, it could be maintained at the incident level (in which case, the codes would only be available in incidents and not in interactions).