JavaMail logs

We are in the process of upgrading from HPSM 7.11 to 9.4

In 7.11 we used SCAuto for email and in the SCAuto log files it would show timestamped entries of everytime a user was sent an email.  example:

10/20/2015 10:17:28   pid (7344)(3268) Sent email <evsysseq=0000000004963785> to <email address>

(where email address was the actual employee's email address)


No special debugging statements were set up in the SCAuto cfg or ini files.


When I set up javamail I set a line in the sm.cfg file to create a javamail log file.  And I added debug statements to see what kind of detail I would get.  I don't get the detail I am looking for where I can see when a specific person got an email.  Is this possible in javamail?  Any suggestions?


The lines I tried in the sm.cfg file were:

sm -emailout -log:..\logs\javamail.log


sm -emailout -RTM:3 -debugdbquery:999 -log:..\logs\javamail.log