9.40 Reporting Module

Can anyone point me to some directions on scheduling reports from the reporting module?  There are options under Reporting > Report Schedule > Create New Schedule that allow you to choose to either have reports emailed or saved to a file share at certain times.  I can't seem to get either option to work.

The info in the help files goes over each field very briefly but isn't very detailed.

For example - the file share - does it have to be a file share that the user who created the schedule has access to?  or the report schedul owner?  I've tried both.  I'm assuming you can't use a sharepoint site instead of a fileshare.

And when I tried to schedule reports to send via email, no email sends.  I've checked the eventout file and it never shows up (I am in QA and email is turned off and I check eventout to see if the email actually triggered).