Change Task not auto opening

We are fairly new to 9.40.  When we went live we had set up a bunch of request models that have tasks that auto open.

I am now trying to do the same thing with Change and Change tasks.  It looks simple enough, and looks like it should work just like Request Models.  And I have followed the steps in Help to edit my Normal Change Model to include a task that spawns when the change moves to Build and Test and the task is not opening.  I've attached a screenshot of the change model and of the task info.  If any one can take a look and see what I might be doing wrong that would be great.

I also included a screenshot of the task category that shows it is available in the Build and Test phase.

When I go and create a normal change and move it to Build and Test the task does not create.  Nor do I get any errors.

  • Hi Mate,

    I am using SM 9.41 and I have the same issue as well. Can someone help us out ?


  • Verified Answer

    I ended up opening a case with HP for this issue and they discovered that there were 2 RuleSets that were not checked on the Change WorkFlow Object Properties.  No idea why and it's supposed to be out of the box.

    But here are the steps that fixed me:

    1. Login SM as administrator via web client.
    2. Go Change management -> Configuration --> Change Workflows --> double click the Change Workflow you want.
    3. On the page, click Edit Object Properties.
    4. Then click "Object Based Rule Sets" tab, then click "After successful enter" tab.
    5. Then click Add, choose common.taskplan.ticket.change  and click OK
    6. Then click Add, common.taskplan.sync.changephase.totaskparentphase  and click OK
    7. Click the save & Exit, then save

    Hope this helps you also.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am using SM 9.41, the steps you suggested is already present here. still it does not work. Do you have any further idea on this ?


  • Unfortunately I don't.  It took a lot of digging to find the answer to my issue.  You may need to open a case with HP Support.

  • Hi,

    I found that while creating the change model with default task, the entry is not moving to change plan table, which works usually. This causes the issue.

    So, any idea about the configuration for the same so that I can check the affected area ? 

  • Hi Experts,

    Any idea to find the rootcause of the above mentioned post ? 


  • On a 9.41 system I have seen a sporadic error. Some changes do not get their tasks autoopened. Most do but a few does not.

    And when updating those changes the following error occurs when Rule common.taskplan.ticket.change is running:

    Couild not process script.

    TypeError: $L.temp has no properties

    I am struggling to find out which script it cannot run. I have searched almost everywhere for the variable $L.temp

  • Hi Mate,

    Thanks for your comment. What I found is that is SM 9.41, while creating a change model record, is not getting created in the Change plan Table automatically, which should be a OOB feature. I tried to manually enter some records in change plan for the respective change model, it works and detault task gets created with the change automatically.

    So, just to check whether you have any idea for this sync process, from change model to change plan. I believe on my environment, the rootcause lies here only.


  • I my case the change plan was actually built but no tasks created.

    However todayI found out that sudenly the tasks were created. Nobody know what triggered that :-(