Issue setting up web tier.

History - we implemented HPSM 9.40 in January.  We use Windows servers for the application and Linux servers for the web tier.  At the time we had tomcat 6 on the linux boxes.  It seemed to work fine but a few weeks ago I went to implement SSO and found out that the server.xml file was wrong/messed up/inaccurate.  When I contacted HP support they told me I had to be on tomcat 7.

So I had a new linux server stood up.  It has tomcat 7.  I have edited the web.xml file to have the correct server settings and bounced tomcat.  The cert has been created.  When I go to the URL, the HPSM landing page comes up and everything looks good.  But when I try to sign in I get the message "Service Manager Server is currently not available, please try again later."

I changed nothing on the application server.  I feel that the new web server with tomcat7 is set up exactly as the previous one was with tomcat6 (except the tomcat version of course).  Any ideas on what I have missed?