Request Management: How do use a work schedule for calculating Planned Start/End

I have created a Request Model with one task.
The task lead time is specified as '1 16:00:00', and the Request Model Global lead time is calculated to the same value.

When using that model, the task Planned Start is set to the Submit time for the task, and the Planned End is set to 40 hours later without taking in account the "day" (8-16) work schedule specified for the Catalog Item using that Request Model.

Do you have any sugestions to have the Planned End to use the "day" work schedule?

We are using Service Manager version 9.41.

  • Hi Erbian,

    As design, schedule works not as detaily as you want it, the most common option is regularly schedules, but by "day" exactly, I am not sure. For more information on what options you have, please check below:


    Create a schedule for a task

    Applies to User Roles:

    System Administrator

    To create a schedule for a task:

    1. Create a new Scheduled Maintenance task or locate an existing task.
    2. Click the Schedule tab.
    3. From Execute Task at:, select the date and time, then choose the correct time zone. If you omit the time zone, the default value is your current time zone.
    4. Choose a repeat interval in the Repeat Task frame.
      • Regularly schedules a simple repeat interval
      • Weekly schedules a weekly interval
      • Monthly by date
      • Monthly by day
      • Annually
      • Annually
      • An Arbitrary Schedule (user defined)
      The available settings change depending on the interval you select.
    5. Select one of the following duration options in the Range of Recurrence frame.
      • No end date for a task that should recur forever.
      • End After nn Occurrences where nn is a numeric value.
      • End By date where you select an end date from the calendar
  • Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Actually my request is not in the Scheduled Maintenance area.

    It is regarding using a Request Model from a Service Catalog Item.

    The Request Model has e.g. one task using e.g. 40 working hours, which in a "day" calendar (8 - 16) will take 5 working days.

    I have specified the lead time to '1 16:00:00' which is eaqual to 40 hours in the "day" calendar.

    But this is calculated to 40 hours in a "24/7" calendar resulting the planned finish time to be 1 day and 16 hour after the planned start time. I would like the planned finish time to be one week after the planned start time.

    I hope you understand my needs and may find a solution.

    Kind regards

    Erik Birch Andersen