Upgrading from SM 9.33 customized to SM 9.4x best practice

My customer is going to upgrade thier SM 9.33 customized installation in the near future. The current installation has not implemented Process Designer.

I would like to know what is best practise to upgrade to the newest SM version (9.41 or 9.42). Does any documentation for that exists?

How do we enable/disable Process Designer for seperate modules?

How do we enable Process Designer for the upgraded customized solution keeping the needed special functionality in place?

  • Hello Erbian,

        There is a documentation doc center (https://softwaresupport.hp.com/km/KM01824174) where you can find all the available options for upgrades depending on your custoemr system. The big picture explanation (you can also find it on the upgrades guide):

    HP Service Manager 9.41 is available in three modes:

    1. Service Manager Codeless,
    2. Service Manager Classic, and
    3. Service Manager Hybrid.

    Service Manager Codeless incorporates the Process Designer functionality that was previously available through content packs, together with further enhancements that are not available to users of Service Manager Classic. Primarily, this involves implementing Process Designer-based workflows for a number of modules, including Change Management, Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Fulfillment, Knowledge Management, and Service Level Management.

    Process Designer is a graphical interface that enables you to develop the workflows that control the flow of a single record throughout its lifecycle within HP Service Manager, without being an expert in RAD programming.

    HP Service Manager 9.41 Codeless is available to customers who are

    1) installing Service Manager for the first time or

    2) upgrading from a version of Service Manager that has Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3 (PDCP4) applied or

    3) upgrading from an earlier version of Service Manager Codeless.

    HP Service Manager 9.41 Hybrid is a mode of Service Manager in which Process Designer technology is fully implemented, yet that allows you to continue using legacy technology such as Format Control. Service Manager9.41 Hybrid eases the transition between Service Manager Classic and Service Manager Codeless by enabling you to continue to take advantage of your previous investments in legacy technology. This mode is available only to customers who are upgrading from a Service Manager 9.3x system that has Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.2 (PDCP3) applied.

    The pdcp is available in the HP live network for:

    1. PDCP3 is for Change
    2. PDCP4 is for change and helpdesk

    Customer that didn't install PDCP can migrate to SM9.40 Classic- SM9.41 classic

    The steps to upgrade to SM9.41 without PDCP: ( you will be using SM9.41 classic)

    1. Install the Service Manager 9.40 server, and then install the Service Manager 9.41 server patch.
    2. Install the Service Manager 9.41 Windows and web clients.
    3. Upgrade to the Service Manager 9.41 applications using Service Manager 9.41 Upgrade Utility.
    4. Install or upgrade other components.


  • Hi,

    The first question here, do you want Codeless or Classic in SM 9.4x ?

    If you need Codeless, the best practices would be apply PD in SM 9.33 and then upgrade to SM 9.4x Codeless.

    Please check the guides below:

    Title :
    Applications Upgrade Guide (from HP Service Manager 9.3x without Process Designer Content Pack Installed)
    Document ID :


    Title :
    Applications Upgrade Guide (from HP Service Manager 9.3x with Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3 Installed)
    Document ID :


    Also would be good idea to check the Process Designer Migration Guide, it can give you more information about Process Designer and its functionality. 

    Title :
    Process Designer Migration Guide
    Document ID :


    Hope this informationhelp you,


    Julio César Araya Jiménez

    HP Software Support




  • hi Erbian,


    You have two options to do the upgrade

    1) Apply PDCP4 and then upgrade to SM9.41 codeless

    2) upgrade to SM9.41 classic- upgrade to SM9.41 codeless.

    If you dont want PD for all modules then you can verify upgrading form PDCP3 to SM9.41 hybrid.


    Hope this helps,


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your replies to my resquest. I believe that I can benefit from these, to what I will return when we plan the upgrade.

    I am a little confused about the PD content packs. Do I need to install that on the SM 9.33 solution to later upgrade to SM 9.41 Codeless partly or full?

  • Hi Erbian,

    Since you are now SM9.33 without Process Designer (PD), to upgrade to SM9.41 Codeless partly (=Hybrid) or full, you have following upgrade options:

    1. Target is SM9.41 Codeless partly: SM9.33 -> SM9.33 PD 9.30.2 -> SM9.41 Hybrid

    2. Target is SM9.41 Codeless full: SM9.33 -> SM9.33 PD 9.30.3 -> SM9.41 Codeless

    3. Target is SM9.41 Codeless full: Newly install SM9.41 Codeless -> Reimplement old tailoring onto SM9.41 Codeless from your SM9.33, and setup new PD workflows (Ruleset, ...)

    PD 9.30.2 = PDCP3 (PD Change enabed)

    PD 9.30.3 = PDCP4 (PD Helpdesk enabled - PD Service Desk/PD Incident/PD Problem)


    SM RnD Upgrade Factory