Creating a new category in Request Fulfillment (HPSM 9.40)

Hi guys,

I'm facing a strange "problem".

I'm trying to add a new category in Request Fulfilment->Configuration->Request Categories

The OOB categories are Generic Request and Order.

When I'm adding my new category "test1" i'm setting in to be active and i'm chosing a workflow.

Then when I go to Create New Request - it's not there.

Also I want to remove the Generic Request category. It is stated in the documentation that you are not allowed to delete OOB categories but I just try to deactive them with removing the Active thick. 

But again, when I deactivate the category (and all subcategories) and go to the Create New Request i still can see the Generic Request Category and all subcategories. 

None of my changes are reflected there.

Can someone suggest what i'm missing?

Thanks in advnace.