Mass Update for Operator records

Hi guys,

I need to update 500 operator records with the following values:

all of them should have:

  •  "Self Service Access Only" marked true
  • Self Service Menu: ESSSM
  • Self Service Starting Page: Main Menu

When i try to select, lets say the first 10 records from the operator list (System Administration->Ongoing Maintenance->Operators->Search button) like clicking the first one and after that holding shift selecting the 10th record - all of them are marked - after that i'm clicking the Mass Update button and adding the above 3 values - and at the end clicking the Execute button.

After that when i scroll down, all 10 records seems to be updated with the desired values but when i try to login through interface all of them are set to the Submit a Request page (not the Main Page). 

Any hints ?

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