CI Error - Invalid syntax for query. Failed parsing (incident.matching,

Hi guys,

SM Version: 9.40 (Process Designer)

Currently i'm getting a strange error when i'm trying to add a CI in the IM flow.

The generated error is:
Invalid syntax for query. Failed parsing (incident.matching,
(Affected CI matches "[name-of-a-random-ci]") and number ~="IMxxxxx[the-number-of-the-current-incident] (incident.matching,
Unrecoverable error in application: Rule.callWizard on panel call.process
Unrecoverable error in application: on panel call.rad.1
Unrocoverable error in application: incident.mathcing on panel

Adding attachment.

Additional notes: The error is observed only in the first phase of the IM flow (the standard IM flow - Logging, Categorization, Investigation, Recovery, Review, Closure) when I try to add a CI. The save and  everything is accepted and you can continue working with the ticket without any problems. Only the above error is thrown.

If I dont add a CI and save the ticket/change the status., everything is OK. And when I try to add a CI on the next step, again added without any errors.

Can someone guide where to look at, or what could cause this thing to pop-up?


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