HP SM 9.4 - User role which has min permission to close request fulfillment other than system admin

Hello Experts,


we are using HP service manager 9.4 version, here we need to identify which user role has minimum permission in service catalog to perform workflow and close request fulfilment tickets.


Through Request co-ordinator we were able to open a new service request but it doesnt have authority to move ticket up to next phase , so could you please help us here to identify user role with minimum permission with whom we can be able to workflow opened ticket and close it.

Thanks in Advance!

  • Hoping you are using HPSM9.40 Classic mode(Not PD)

    You can use many OOB userroles for your requirement.
    - Service Catalog Manager or request administrator or request approver are from OOB list of userroles.
    - If you have customized Userroles, you can simply add required Capability words under Start-up tab on that Userrole

  • Hello Sanzz,

    Thanks for your response but with all 3 users listed in your response i am unable to find 'Submit for Approval' button to move my Request Fulfilment to next statge. I can only get that button when I have authority of SysAdmin which my customer is not comfertable to use since it is highest authrity.


    could you please suggest the workflow or way we can get Submit for approval button activated and can perform rest actions.


    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    Is this a custom button or OOB button? In all case, check the condtion, may be in condition u had defined capability word for sys admin or similar. Modify same and include the capability word which you want to use for normal one.

    In case of SM with PDCP, on the transaction, you will find the condition, which you cna modify to provide access of the button.

    Hope this help!