Incident is opening with subcategory as 'Service Catalog' by default through service catalog item.

Hello Experts,

We need a help regarding default value populating on incident form when incident is being raised through service catalog item.

It is observed when service catalog item is set for connector as 'open an incident', you can select category but no option to select category. However on approval of service desk interaction for catalog item an incident is being raised with subcategory as 'Service Catalog' but when you try to save it will throw an error that 'Service Catalog' is not correct value for subcategory.

Values default with subcategory in incident management are access, data, performance, hardware, facilities, failure, security and SLA breach etc. but those are need to be set manually by removing already set 'Service Catalog' value.

Please provide your help in setting up correct subcategory code or suggest if there is any alternate way than making up change.

HP Service manager 9.4 version being used here.


Thanks in Advance!