View select fields from related records or child tickets without leaving original or parent ticket



Does anyone know of a way to have a pop-up subform display some fields of a related tickets, Line item, or task from a ticket, without leaving the original ticket?


We currently use Request Management with Line Items, and sometimes we can have a single Request with 15 Line Items.  Understandably, our users find it labor intensive to have to navigate away from the parent ticket so many times to get a complete overview of the status of all the elements of the Request.


Ideally, it would be nice to click on a Line item in the list, without navigating away from the Request,  and have a simple form pop-up showing relevant information from the Line Item.  Alternatively perhaps have a field display a text representation of the Line item in a sub form when a Line item in the list is selected.  All without leaving the parent Request.


Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any idea how this dream might be