Impact of jsDebug set to true in web.xml


Can anyone tell me what the jsDebug parameter in the web.xml does on it's own, and what the impact might be in our system, if we were to leave this set to true at all times?

Our users frequently get the message "Sorry, you are not authorized to access the specified resource", when performing the simplest of things, and I am easily able to reproduce this on-demand.  I opened a ticket with HP and was asked to do a trace and send them the content of the trace.  In the instructions provided by HP on how to perform this trace, I was told to set the jsDebug parameter to true in the web.xml and then some additional instruction, regarding enabling developer tools in my web browser.  After following their instructions, I was no longer able to reproduce the issue, so I reverted the jsDebug parameter back to false in the web.xml and tried again.  Once again I was able to produce the issue easily on demand.

Depending on it's potential impact, I'm not sure if modifying this parameter is a true solution to the problem, but it might be a good workaround until a solution is found, so any information would be appreciated.


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    Hi Audrey,

    Per the SM Help Center, the parameter does the following:

    "This parameter enables the web client to load unminified JavaScript files. However, when this parameter is enabled, the web client also displays to end users an error message that includes full stack trace. For this reason, do not enable this parameter in production environments to avoid disclosure of sensitive information."

    As you can see, we don't recommend keeping this parameter enabled when not being used for debugging purposes. If the issue doesn't occur when this parameter is enabled, you should let the support engineer on your case know. Perhaps this parameter isn't needed and you can perform the other troubleshooting steps you mentioned without enabling this parameter.

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the information.  I emailed my support engineer a few days ago and so far have received no response, so I thought I would ask the Online Experts.  I will follow-up again.