Upgrade from SM 9.41 hybrid to SM 9.61


We are starting to research what would be involved if we want to upgrade from our current SM v9.41 Hybrid installation (with PD) to v9.61 and a few things have come up.

1.  Step 10 ('Perform additional manual tasks') in the 'Upgrade tasks on the development environment' documentation comes after the 'Resolve conflicts' step, which seems a bit odd.  Does anyone know if there is a specific reason for this?  In reviewing the manual tasks to be performed, it is not obvious., and we would prefer to do these thing either before the upgrade (data type changes, etc.), or immediately after the OOB upgrade, since they could produce issues we would like to deal with prior to conflict resolution.

2.  One of the additional manual steps is to 'Initialize CI relationship', which has you run a script that seems to populate a new file (cirelationbsg) with content from one or more fields in other tables. The documentation says "initialize the data of CI relationship to improve your system performance". Can anyone out there tell me if you have done this and did you notice any significant performance improvement?  In our environment, the data in the fields that is combined to populate fields in this table, exceeeds the max length for three of the fields in this table, so we will need to change the length of these fields before even running this script.

3. The final step in the 'Perform additional manual tasks' step, links you to an Appendix A, which contains more manual migration tasks.  Many of those under the heading of 'Mandatory manual migration tasks" don't specifiy under which condition they are mandatory.  Does anyone know which ones can be excluded if we are already in a Process Designer environment?  For example, one of the tasks that is identified as mandatory is to 'Review the migrated validity records'.  It does not say that it is specific to a certain version being upgraded from, but mentions a Process Designer migration report in a pdmigration.log file.  In our current 9.41 hybrid installation we are already using Process Designer and when running this upgrade, no pdmigration.log was produced.  I have a feeling this step does not need to be followed if we are upgrading from an environment that is already using Process Designer, but the document doesn't say.

Any help would be appreciated.