(SM) Support Tip: Move KM SOLR indexed libraries to a different KM SOLR instance

Hello all,

    A few days back, there was a request to move the KM SOLR Search engine installation to a different server, normally a new KM engine installation would come with a new full re-index of the data so the libraries are created with new indexes from scratch, however on real customer scenarios this is not always possible due to the downtime of KM that it represents while the libraries are being indexed all over again.

  Of course, most customer would prefer to make this with the less down time of KM, without having to recycle SM and ideally saving all the already indexed data from the original KM server.

  On an OOB system for 9.40, follow the steps below to move the indexed data from one KM engine to the other, it could be an option for those customer who has a similar challenge.

  1. On a SM 9.40.0015 with the SOLR KM engine, index two libraries for testing (Incident_library and Knowledge_library),
  2. Install the second KM engine (on a different VM –different IP/hostname)
  3. Start the second KM engine to validate if it is connecting successfully to SM and stop the service
  4. Stop KM Update background process on SM
  5. Copy the entire KMCores folder (C:\Service Manager 9.40\SearchEngine\kmsearchengine\KMCores) from the original KM engine and replace it on the second KM server
  6. Start the second KM service; at this point you may want to check there are no FATAL errors on the KM logs (Tomcat logs)
  7. On SM, under Knowledge Management -> Configuration – Configure Search Servers, remove the original server (just the KM engine reference to the master, not the entire Server record)
  8. At this point SM will ask you if you want to delete the server and all the libraries already indexed, you have to click Yes (you should have already done a copy of the KMCores folder because it will get deleted)
  9. Add the new KM IP address and information
  10. Verify connection and libraries status
  11. If everything looks online, start back the KM Update
  12. Do a search on KM and you should be able to have a working KM again


Hope this helps,


Enrique Lobo Breckenridge