(SM) Support Tip: Smart Analytics Content service failing to start

Hello all,

A while ago, I had a case where the Smart Analytics (SA) Contents services were not starting correctly, the root cause can be several, and on this occasion the problem was that the SA engine was used already on another SM system with a different version, causing the indexes not to  match.

From that point on, when starting the Contents service, you would get messages on the logs as the snippet below:


To get the indexes to be rebuilt on the Content servers and fix the restarting issue:

  1. Do a backup of the [INSTALL_PATH]/SmartAnalytics/Content folder
  2. Go to the directory [INSTALL_PATH]/SmartAnalytics/Content and delete all folders except for license and uid 
  3. Delete also any .str and .lck files on the [INSTALL_PATH]/SmartAnalytics/Content directory
  4. Start the service.

After doing so, the service will start and you will have to wait for all the indexes to be rebuilt before attempting a connection from SM, now application_content.log should look more like:


Hope this helps, 


Enrique L.