(SM) Support Tip: Smart ticket functionality on the affected service not displaying suggestions

Hello SM community,

Working on SMART features we found a defect that breaks one of the most important features, the SMART ticketing system.

Problem: When using “Create Smart Interaction” feature, if there are no subscriptions created for the contact selected , SM will not display any recommendations for the  Affected Service group, even when the IDOL engine is already trained and valid Cis exists based on the description entered.

 (See image 1; pic1.jpg)

Cause: There is a logic error on the IDOL_Help library, when tracing the behavior we can actually see that there are recommendations sent by the IDOL server, but because of the script it will show any suggestion. More details in QCCR1E136573

 (See image 2 pic2.jpg)

Resolution: An unload with a code change on the script IDOL_Help has been provided. Change in IDOL_Help.smartFill4SD -> tryFillIncidentsByIdol -> fillIncidentsByIdol:

(See image 3; pic3.jpg)

Please do a backup of the IDOL_Help Script Library before loading the UNL. The UNL was uploaded as JPG extension, modify to RAR or ZIP so that I can be used.

Let me know any question,


Enrique Lobo