SMA-SM - Hide Title and Description on Offering Page


We have deployed SMA-SM in mixed mode and configured it to work with Service Manager 9.52. We have a need to hide the Title and Desciption on the offering page.

Is this possible? How would we do it?


  • Hello Ben

    thanks for contacting us.

    for this, you will have to go to SM, and in the command line for it, type "fd" to bring out the form designer, on the screen that comes up, you will have to enter the name of your form (you can find it in the bottom right corner of SM when using that from). after it pulls it up, click the design button in the options bar, that will allow you to edit the properties of your controllers. For that you have to options, select the label or the textbox for it, you will have a checkbox to have it invisible, and then there is a field where you can add a condition for it to become visible. 



    Hope this helps you.


  • Hi. Thanks for the reply but this is a web based service catalog that is integrated with SMA-SM and so does not use forms designer. The fields are built from the User Options on the catalog item, as well as Title and Description always being displayed. But we need to hide these fields and cannot see how to do so.