SM 9.30 oracle db on Flash Storage?

We have SM 9.30. Our data is in Oracle database on a Unix server.

Management has asked if it's possible to move our oracle database to "flash storage" to "improve IO". In my notes from the meeting, it looks like I wrote "EMC Unity flash storage". I'm not familiar with Flash as anything more than the thumb drive you stick in your laptop, so I'm not familiar with the possibility of putting a full database on it.

I think our database is large. We have data going back to 2012: 3.4 million IM's and 5.8 million SD's. I believe our DBA said that the database is 500 gig.

This seems to be a lot of data. Would Flash Storage be appropriate? Is SM 9.30 even compatible with storing an oracle db on Flash?

Thanks for any insight.